Tampa Divorce Attorneys

Tampa Divorce Attorneys

Divorce Isn’t Easy – We Know.

There’s one thing that’s true for everyone involved in a divorce – in one way or another, it’s hard.

In your case it might be difficult emotionally, or perhaps financially, or mentally. Or, even all of the above. If there are children involved, it’s almost always the toughest on them.

Suddenly, life as you know it is about to change drastically and that presents a challenge for even the most stoic among you.

We Understand Divorce.

We are familiar with your story. You just want the upheaval to end and for life to move forward.

We’ve been where you are. With many clients. Many times. We understand how disruptive and often traumatizing divorce truly can be.

We’re Here to Help Ease the Process of Divorce

We deal with difficult situations like yours every day. How to proceed with your divorce does not need to be a bewildering misadventure, because it’s a road we are used to navigating. You can be at ease knowing that your course of action is based on solid, case-tested legal advice.

We are prepared to lead you through your divorce with skilled commitment and care. We’re ready for you to shift the bulk of your burden onto our experienced shoulders with confidence.

If you are ready to begin moving forward and be guided by our compassionate & practiced team of Tampa divorce attorneys, call us today. Let’s meet and get started toward a strong and successful resolution of your divorce.

Trusting a Direction to Take Can Be the Hardest Part.

Every Divorce is Different. Our Team Approach Has Yours Covered.

 Yes, all divorces are alike in that they are difficult. But that doesn’t mean we treat them all the same.

Our Tampa divorce attorneys have handled enough cases to understand the most important thing of all – each case is unique. There are advantages and disadvantages to every situation that need to be skillfully considered.

Your divorce might be a simple dissolution of marriage, or it may be contested, drawn-out, and complex. It might be a high-conflict divorce, or it might be amicable. High-asset, or financially straightforward. The differences are endless. As are the outcomes.

Our team approach delivers the wide range of skills and legal know-how to give your divorce the comprehensive attention it deserves. From the minute details of your case to the broader legal approach it requires, a focused team effort will ensure that all angles are thoroughly covered in your representation.

THE FACTS: Are You Facing a Contested or an Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested Divorce

Ideally, both spouses will be in agreement on all aspects of their divorce. There are no issues in dispute, and it’s known as a simple dissolution of marriage or uncontested divorce. These are the most simple cases and generally can be finalized very quickly.

In an uncontested divorce proceeding, the parties simply execute a Marital Settlement Agreement outlining all the terms of their agreed upon divorce, including child support, custody or timesharing, visitation, division of property and debts, and alimony, as applicable. They also execute a Parenting Plan if they have at least one minor child.

Entering into a marital settlement agreement replaces the necessity of having a judge decide issues and often leaves the parties more satisfied, since it allows both spouses more control over their future.

Contested Divorce

We are aware that not all marriages end so amicably. In cases where spouses are not in agreement, the dissolution of marriage is known as a contested divorce.

In this type of divorce, the parties may enter into other types of agreements such as a temporary agreement or partial agreement.

Often, there are disagreements over division of assets and liabilities, and spouses have difficulty coming to terms on what is considered ‘equitable distribution.’ In some cases, high-value assets may be at stake and family businesses become coveted possessions that only qualified legal intervention can protect. Many times there’s a risk of hidden assets that only professional scrutiny can bring to light.

With everything personal and financial that’s at stake, it’s understandable when some divorces end up in court. Going to trial is not the most common scenario, but sometimes litigation becomes necessary to achieve your desired outcome.

It’s usually when emotions run high that alimony and child custody issues turn into battles only to be fought and won in a court of law. When your divorce takes this turn, our team will aggressively represent your best interests and those of your child.

NOW WHAT? The Right Legal Approach for the Best Possible Outcome.

There are many different avenues to take when facing a divorce. The best choice will be guided by your goals and the facts of your case. Mediation. Collaborative Practice. Litigation. Appeals. These and more are all within our legal team’s extensive range of skills and experience. Whatever course your divorce may take, the right approach for you is always within reach.

Call the Tampa divorce attorneys at Anton Garcia Law today at (813) 907-9807 or request a consultation.

Our family law team happily represents dentists, physicians, CEOs, business owners & other business professionals. We also are experienced with high-profile, collaborative divorce in Tampa.

*Please note: Payment plans are not accepted for family law services.

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