How To Divide Marital Assets in High-Income Divorce

How To Divide Marital Assets in High-Income Divorce

When dividing assets, the court tries to be as equitable as possible, meaning both spouses tend to receive assets in an amount that is close to equal. The parties tend to use assets of larger value to negotiate. If one spouse agrees to let the other have the marital residence with a large amount of equity, the other spouse might agree to let go of their claim on some investment accounts. When parties are acting rationally, much of the marital property can be divided relatively quickly.

Division of marital assets is a necessary part of divorce. Many items are clearly used more by one party over the other or are easily divided by spouses without much hesitation. But sometimes, there are items that neither party wants to part with and will spend considerable time and money fighting for. 

Negotiating over division of property can be time-consuming. The following are areas of high-income assets that a divorce lawyer can help with:

  • Valuation of assets that fluctuate in value over time
  • Valuation of closely held or family-owned businesses and other complex assets
  • Classification of particular property as marital or non-marital for division
  • Classification of various assets as income or property, such as stock options and other investments
  • Valuation of commercial and residential real estate, vacation properties, and investment properties
  • Valuation of art, jewelry, and collectibles
  • Any child support that deviates from Florida guidelines
  • Temporary, transitional, rehabilitative, durational, or permanent spousal maintenance

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