7 Fall Activities for Kids (That Single Parents will Love too)

7 Fall Activities for Kids (That Single Parents will Love too)

Fall is officially here. It’s the season for all things pumpkin and endless seasonal activities. To ring in the festive months, we’ve compiled a list of activities you can do with your kids. They’re both easy and great if you’re on a budget as a single parent. The best part? We’re confident you’ll enjoy these activities too. 


Paint Pumpkins

Take your kids to the local pumpkin patch to grab a gourd of your choice, big or small. Head back home, grab your paint and get ready for an activity that will bring out your creative side. Have fun with the patterns and colors to incorporate on your pumpkins. When you’re finished, let the kids choose a place to display their masterpieces in the home all season long.


Volunteer for a Local Charity

Fall and especially Thanksgiving time are a great time to give back to others. Find a local charity to spend a day volunteering at with your kids. Teach them about why giving back is important and tie the lesson into a theme of gratitude for Thanksgiving. If you’re based in Tampa, a few of our favorite charities include:


Have a Reading Picnic

While we cannot say for sure that Tampa will see many cool days, it may occur here and there. When the weather is nice, choose a scenic spot, bring a blanket and have a reading picnic. Take turns with your kids reading pages and discussing the book. Bring snacks or a meal to enjoy during your picnic.


Do a Fall Family Run

Fall (especially on Thanksgiving Day) is a popular time for races throughout your city. Choose a local race with your kids and train together leading up to the event. This is a great bonding experience and results in healthy competition with your kids!


Support Local

Go Shopping at a local farmer’s market and purchase in-season fruits and vegetables for a cooking night with your kids. Teach them the benefits of eating seasonally and why buying local is great for your community. 


Some in-season items include: Apples, Bell Peppers, Carrots, Cabbage and Beets


Bake Halloween Cookies

Stores like Walmart and Target have a large selection of Halloween-themed cookie cutters, frosting colors and sprinkles for the spooky season. Put on some fun music and bake with your kids!


Go Orange Picking

Unfortunately apple picking isn’t a Florida staple for the fall. Instead, visit an orange grove to collect fruit for homemade juice, cocktails and baking. We recommend Dooley Grove which opens in November each year. 


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