Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Attorney

Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Attorney

When going through a divorce, there are many reasons to hire an attorney. The most simple reason to seek help from a lawyer? Well, they’re experts in the field. Divorce attorneys are trained to guide you through the process and to answer all the questions you have about the steps to take and what might happen post-divorce. 

We’ve put together this blog post with a list of questions you can and should ask your attorney throughout the process. 

How Long Will the Process Take? 

Every divorce case is different, so as your attorney prepares, you should ask them about the timeline and length of the process. Most attorneys will provide specific steps as well as deadlines that you will need to be aware of. 


What Documents do I need to Provide?

Asking this question early will save you and your ex a great deal of time (and money). There is a lot of information that you will likely need to gather including pay stubs, tax returns, birth certificates and more. 


What will Happen to Our Property? 

There is a lot to consider on this topic, but your attorney will be the right person to ask for advice. There are marital property laws to consider that your lawyer can talk you through. A big factor in the decision? Finance


How Does Spousal Support?

Spousal support is generally based on the income and earning potential of each spouse and the standard of living of each spouse during the marriage, but courts may also consider the presence or absence of children in the home and whether either party was at fault in the divorce. Be clear with your attorney about what you might expect to pay, if anything, in alimony.”


Will the Divorce Affect my Business? 

Ensuring your business is protected through the divorce process is crucial. When discussing this topic with your attorney, we recommend asking the following sub-topics:

  1. What legal structure can protect my business from the divorce? 
  2. Should I consider a postnuptial agreement? 


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