How To Divide Marital Assets in High-Income Divorce


What’s Collaborative Divorce and Why You Should Pursue One?

Collaborative divorce is one of the newer options in family law in the past few years. This type of process is less of a fight for couples and more of a way of troubleshooting and problem-solving issues.  What is Collaborative Divorce?  In a collaborative divorce, settlements address the needs of both parties, allowing them to


How to Co-Parent During COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented new challenges for parents trying to navigate co-parenting and a blended family. Here are four tips for surviving this new normal:  Communicate Often  Whether it’s during a pandemic or not, making sure that everyone is on the same page is crucial. Throughout this time, especially, it’s important to over-communicate with your ex-spouse


How to Come to Peace with Your Divorce in 2020

For some people, a divorce can be a good thing. They handle things civilly and are able to move forward and co-exist. For others, that’s not the case. It’s stressful, emotionally taxing, tense, and difficult before, during, and after the divorce. And, when kids are in the equation, things become even more complicated and stressful. 


How Long Does it Take to Get Divorced? And Other Common Divorce Questions

Divorce proceedings can be a confusing time in any person’s life and there are many questions that need to be answered to provide clarity on the matters at hand.    From tax deductions to the difference between a legal separation and a divorce, in this blog post, we’re covering five divorce questions that are commonly