Will you get alimony or spousal support in your divorce?

Will you get alimony or spousal support in your divorce?

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is the payment of money from one spouse to the other for a period of time following a divorce and is not applicable in all divorce cases. 

Defining Factors in Spousal Support

While there are several other conditions that a divorce attorney in Tampa will discuss with you, the length of the marriage is the key factor in determining whether or not one party will be required to pay the other alimony.  Any marriage lasting for less than seven years will not legally require either party to pay spousal support to the other. Marriages of over seven years in duration can require alimony payments if there is a discrepancy in income levels between the parties. 

Who earns more?

The party earning the larger sum of money will be required to provide enough support to equal out both parties’ standards of living for an amount of time often equal in duration to the marriage, often permanently for a long-term marriage, or until the party receiving support is able to obtain employment at a higher rate of pay and be self-supporting.

The Low Down on Alimony Payments

There are a few things to remember about alimony payments. First, the payments are taxable to the recipient. Second, the person paying the support can use the payments made as a tax deduction. And third, unless otherwise agreed to, alimony payments cease if the recipient remarries or dies. Otherwise, payments continue for the scheduled duration. If a change in either parties’ financial situation occurs, an alimony attorney in Brandon can file a motion with the court for a modification of alimony.

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