4 Reasons You Should Choose Collaborative Divorce

4 Reasons You Should Choose Collaborative Divorce

Is collaborative divorce for you?  It’s a great option for Tampa couples to choose from for multiple reasons.  It is still done by a Tampa attorney but is different from a court-based divorce. Working together with your lawyers’ assistance, you can reach the best possible agreement to fit the unique circumstances of your family.

Collaborative law is where attorneys from both sides of a divorce agree beforehand to work together for a favorable solution for all aspects of the divorce.  This will include alimony, child custody, and property division.  You and your spouse will decide on a schedule for gathering financial and other information pertinent to the divorce. 

  1. You want more control in the divorce process and result.

In a court-litigated divorce, the court ultimately decides the outcome of the divorce process. In collaborative law, you and your spouse can focus on the details that matter most to you and come to a more personal agreement.

  1. You want more control in deciding a plan for your child.  

Without getting a court and judge involved, the only people with input are you and your partner.  The additional control that you and your spouse have in a collaborative divorce process allows you to use that knowledge of your child to build a plan that supports their needs.  

  1. You want to protect your child from stress.

By working together, you can decrease the stress divorce can put on your child and lay groundwork for a more supportive coparenting partnership moving forward.  The best way to protect a child’s mental health during divorce is to minimize conflict between parents. 

  1. You’re looking to save time and money.

Drawn out legal battles can be a costly endeavor. Depending on your goals, a collaborative approach could help you have stronger finances and greater confidence as you take the first steps toward life after divorce.  

If you and your spouse are able to work together, this collaboration might allow you to move forward more quickly and with less cost to you. This can provide you with a stronger financial foundation for life after divorce.  

Tampa Collaborative Divorce and Mediation Divorce

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