Protecting Assets in a High-Net-Worth Divorce

Protecting Assets in a High-Net-Worth Divorce

If you are worried about how ending your marriage will affect your net worth, then you are not alone. You have probably heard horror stories about people left in financial ruin after a divorce, especially for high-net-worth couples. 

To avoid long processes and any mistakes, it is crucial to ally yourself with a Tampa high asset divorce lawyer who can help you make smart financial decisions, and who can help you effectively preserve your estate. By working with an experienced family law attorney for a high-income divorce, you can ensure you are protected in both scenarios.

Collect info on all marital spending

Any purchases made during the marriage that benefits both spouses are considered marital spending, whether money was used from a joint bank account or otherwise. It’s important to keep a record of all assets acquired within the marriage to make sure property gets divided fairly.

Contact a qualified attorney immediately

One of the biggest misconceptions about divorce is thinking you don’t need a lawyer if the relationship ends amicably. Divorce often brings out the worst in people, so you need to make sure you have a lawyer to help protect your assets. Make sure you hire an attorney as soon as possible so you can protect yourself before it’s too late.

Hire a forensic accountant

Forensic accountants can be helpful in any divorce, but they’re especially necessary for the property division in a high-asset divorce. It’s common for people to hide assets in their divorce so they can keep more assets than what is fair to their partner. Your forensic accountant will prevent this by reviewing different things like tax returns, credit card statements, property deeds, stocks and other investments.

Read your prenuptial/postnuptial agreement closely

Your divorce attorney will help you understand the legal rights you have in your prenuptial agreement. Your lawyer will work with you to make sure you get everything that is legally yours. Any marital assets not mentioned in the prenuptial agreement could be lost if you don’t have legal representation.

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