An Intro to Collaborative Law Divorce 

An Intro to Collaborative Law Divorce 

In general, collaborative divorce costs less, is less stressful, takes less time, and gives you more options than the typical divorce process.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative law is where attorneys from both sides of a divorce agree beforehand to work together for a favorable solution for all aspects of the divorce.  This will include alimony, child custody, and property division.

How Is Collaborative Divorce Different from a Trial?

Even though judges do their best to make decisions on child custody, asset division, and child support according to the best interests of everyone involved, they only hear testimony for a few hours or days at most.  Working together with your lawyers’ assistance, you can reach the best possible agreement to fit the unique circumstances of your family.

When the agreement is reached, it is written and shown to the judge to be made official.

What Does a Collaborative Law Divorce Look Like?

The first step is to meet with the spouse and attorneys to sign a Collaborative Divorce agreement.  

You and your spouse will decide on a schedule for gathering financial and other information pertinent to the divorce. You may jointly retain experts to assist in determining the identity and value of assets, the standard of living and income capabilities of each party, also the needs of the children. 

Additionally, both lawyers must agree that if an amicable solution cannot be reached and the divorce proceeds to litigation, they will both withdraw from the case.

Tampa Bay Collaborative Divorce

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