How To Budget For Divorce In Florida

How To Budget For Divorce In Florida

Divorce tends to mostly revolve around money, so it is best to be prepared to talk a lot about your finances. Here are some tips on how to prepare your financial records for a divorce in Florida:


Collect Information on Your Partner’s Financials

The main thing to do is to get knowledge of your partner’s finances. If you are going to ask for alimony, you need to have a clear picture of how much they are earning and how much they are spending.  In a Florida marriage, you own half of all assets that your spouse brings in. It’s as important as understanding your own financial standing!


Collect Documents

Go back for about 2 years to collect and compile all of the financial documents for you and the other party. You’ll need to look for financial statements, credit card records, tax returns, and proof of any sources of income.  You can do this by collecting PDF files and your lawyer will be able to help with the rest!


Calculate Expenses for Alimony

If you are going to ask for alimony, you need to calculate what your expenses are in day-to-day life. These should be calculated by looking at your life as it is, not just the bare minimum you could live on. Beyond just rent and utilities, you need to cover expenses for eating out, getting your nails done, gas expenses and more!  Once you have this all added up, one of our lawyers will help to see if your spouse can afford that cost.


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