When To Change Child Custody Terms With Your Lawyer

When To Change Child Custody Terms With Your Lawyer

No one wants to ruffle any feathers, but you may be wondering, “Is this something to change my child custody terms over?”  The terms that you may have agreed on may not be working out as planned or maybe there have been significant changes in the child’s life.  No worries though, these are not set in stone and you can ask the judge for a child custody modification.  

Below are some reasons to change your child custody terms:

The Child is In Immediate Danger

Some parents request child custody modification because they believe the child is in danger. In the case of child abuse, he or she can ask the court to remove that child from the home. The court takes immediate dangers seriously and investigates the accusations.

The Child is Going Through Issues

Whenever a child is experiencing major issues, a child custody modification may be necessary. For instance, if a child starts failing all his or her classes in school, the judge may decide to award a different parent custody. The noncustodial parent may live in a school district that can better accommodate the child’s academic struggles.

The Child Wishes to Live With the Other Parent

If a child is considered emotionally mature and wants to reside with the other parent, the court may consider his or her wishes. For example, if the child is a teenager and getting bullied at school, he or she may be able to go live with the other parent and attend a different school.

The Other Parent Doesn’t Obey the Visitation Schedule

Sometimes parents don’t obey the agreed upon visitation schedule. They may show up late to pick up their children or not show up at all. When this happens a lot, the court may decide to change the custody agreement.

The Custodial Parent Dies or Moves

One of the most clear reasons for custody modification is if the custodial parent moves or dies.  If the custodial parent has died, the court will have to modify the child custody agreement right away. In most cases, the court prefers for the child to live with the non-custodial parent. But sometimes the non-custodial parent works long hours and isn’t home enough to take care of the child, so the court may look for alternative arrangements. The court may look to see if another relative can take care of the child.

If a parent announces they are moving, the noncustodial parent may ask the court for a custody change. The court will consider how the move may affect the child’s physical and emotional wellbeing before making a decision. 

When To Change Child Custody Terms With Your Lawyer

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