3 Reasons to Pursue a Collaborative Divorce

3 Reasons to Pursue a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a more civilized approach to the traditional divorce process. It begins when two parties sign a commitment agreement stating that they won’t go to court. The goal is to help clients end marriages as peacefully and positively as possible, with the goal of mutual benefit.

If you’re on the fence about pursuing a collaborative divorce, take a look at the benefits below:

#1: Lower Expenses

With collaborative divorce, you tend to save a lot of money. Couples usually spend a quarter of the cost of going to Florida divorce court. During CD, couples share financial information, avoiding attorney fees to search for hidden assets or property (a process called discovery).

#2: Quicker Results

Collaborative divorces take 18 weeks on average, a quarter of the usual time. With this process, you can set your own pace, as you aren’t subject to the schedules of lawyers and judges.

#3: A Custom Solution

Collaborative divorce allows for arrangements that courts sometimes cannot, giving you decision-making control over your family and your divorce, not a judge. Instead of wasting money in litigation arguing about the past, you will be focused on creating solutions that will work for you and your family in the future.

A divorce isn’t just an ending; it’s also a beginning. A couple who has built a new, and separate, foundation for the future is giving each other, and their children, a head start on the recovery process. Collaborative divorce has been established to help minimize the time, expense and hostility that you’ll typically experience during a divorce.

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