These are the Signs of Emotional Abuse to Look for in a Divorce.

These are the Signs of Emotional Abuse to Look for in a Divorce.

It’s a sad reality that abuse often occurs during the course of the divorce proceedings. More often than not, this abuse remains emotional. With this being said, it’s important to recognize the signs of emotional abuse (in yourself and children) and what effects may result.

Typical signs of emotional abuse during divorce include:

  • Lying to authoritative figures as a method of self-defense
  • Appearing agreeable outside of court in order to gain advantage in court
  • Resorting to bullying (verbal abuse, blaming other spouse, threats to cut-off spouse from money and children, etc.)

If your divorce involves child custody, there may be some additional signs to look for. They include:

  • Using the child as a personal pawn
  • Over-indulging or avoiding discipline of the child
  • Neglecting the child’s emotional & physical needs
  • Interrogating the child about the other parent

Be watchful of your children during a divorce to ensure they are not negatively impacted during the process. Look for the following effects of emotional abuse in your children:

  • Poor self esteem
  • Increased anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Drug and alcohol abuse

It is important to recognize and act upon the signs of emotional abuse in divorce as soon as possible. The abused spouse should seek therapy and a support network as soon as possible. In cases involving a child, both parents should try their hardest to separate their personal feelings from their child’s feelings.

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