Therapy Might Be Beneficial During a Divorce. Here’s Why.

Therapy Might Be Beneficial During a Divorce. Here’s Why.

We’ve said this time and time again, but divorce is never easy to navigate alone, and while seeking counsel from friends and family is beneficial, seeing a professional therapist might be the next step you need to take. Especially in a collaborative divorce, it is recommended to have a “team” consisting of financial, psychological and of course legal professionals involved.

Involving a psychologist can be costly, but highly beneficial. Here’s why:

They Help You Address Your Emotions During the Divorce

If you’re left in isolation with your feelings, it can be crippling to your mental wellbeing. Having a psychologist by your side will help you to address the emotions and know how to navigate them. They will help you to realize that the feelings you’re having are completely normal and there’s a positive way to confront them.

They Help You Navigate the Road Ahead

With a divorce comes a lot of life change. This much change so quickly can leave you feeling confused and sad. As your “new normal” begins, chatting with a psychologist will allow you to map out what’s coming and how to ensure the transition runs smoothly. A professional can help you make crucial decisions about potentially moving, creating a custody schedule and dating in the future.

Not only can psychologists help you to cope with the near future, they can also challenge you in setting goals even further down the road. They are experts at helping you imagine what you want your life to look like individually and how you can achieve your ideal future.


If you have any questions about collaborative divorce or how to move forward with one in the Tampa Bay area, then hire one of the top divorce lawyers. We can help you identify a psychologist to guide you through the process. 


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