3 Tips for the Collaborative Law Process

3 Tips for the Collaborative Law Process

At Anton Garcia Law, we’ve been putting a large focus on Collaborative Dirorve. We recently wrote a blog post centered around what the process entails and how it is beneficial to both parties involved. “Collaborative divorce is a modern, sensible non-adversarial dispute resolution option. It is different from mediation, or litigation. It applies especially well to divorcing couples who understand that an adversarial divorce will likely make a difficult situation worse, and for couples who may want the added support of a lawyer, unlike the typical mediation model, where clients go to the mediator without their attorney.” [DivorceMag]


If you’re looking to pursue the collaborative divorce method, here are a few tips to keep in your back pocket. 

Utilize the Available Team

The first step in this divorce process is for each spouse to hire an attorney experienced in collaboration. After locking in a lawyer, it’s time to develop your “team,” including a financial expert, child specialist and mental health coach. Together, these team members help you and your ex-spouse to resolve the process quickly and as painless as possible. If you feel like any of these kinds of specialists (in addition to a lawyer) would be beneficial to you, we highly recommend hiring them.  

Take Time to Gather Files and Records 

During the collaborative divorce process, having personal documents available will save you time. Income statements, W2s and a list of assets are just a few items to have together prior to meeting with your team.  

Speak Up

Divorce is never easy. Your team is in place to help you resolve the situation smoothly, so it’s important to always speak up if you have any concerns or needs that aren’t being met. Overall, keep an open mind in the midst of the process. Your team is filled with professionals who only want the best for you. We also recommend having a family member, friend or therapist to talk with and find comfort in throughout the process. 

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