What’s Collaborative Divorce and Why You Should Pursue One?

What’s Collaborative Divorce and Why You Should Pursue One?

Collaborative divorce is one of the newer options in family law in the past few years. This type of process is less of a fight for couples and more of a way of troubleshooting and problem-solving issues. 

What is Collaborative Divorce? 

In a collaborative divorce, settlements address the needs of both parties, allowing them to end the marriage while maintaining a functional relationship. Lawyers involved in a collaborative divorce case are trained to help the clients reach a mutually beneficial result rather than making sure their client “beats” the opposer. The attorneys advocate for their client, but also for what is fair and just. For example, if information is withheld from the opposer, it is the attorney’s job to share that information with the other client. 

Settlements are often resolved using four way meetings with both clients and their attorneys present. Others involved include financial professionals and mental health advisors. “With agreement instead of litigation, the hope is that couples will finalize their divorce satisfied with the outcome.” [Legal Zoom]

Why Collaborative Divorce? 

Many would agree that a collaborative divorce is less “messy.” Because the goal is the mutually beneficial result of both parties, this form of divorce is best for those not looking to “win” financially or family-wise. 

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