Christina Anton Garcia Named An Extraordinary Woman By Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

Christina Anton Garcia Named An Extraordinary Woman By Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

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“Not many can master the art of motherhood, work, and community, but Attorney Christina Anton Garcia does it gracefully.” It is a prestigious honor that Tampa Bay Parenting magazine featured Mrs. Garcia as an Extraordinary Woman in their August 2014 issue. The article outlines Mrs. Garcia’s success as a family law attorney and partner at Anton Garcia Law, as well as a dedicated mother and wife.

The article featured numerous questions, such as “What is your proudest moment?,” “Who is your biggest inspiration?,” and “What is your biggest achievement?,” in hopes to get some insight as to how this extraordinary women balances it all. Mrs. Garcia says her motto is to make time every day to laugh and smile. She says “she loves what she does for a living, even though people find that hard to believe. There could not be a better job for me because I love advocating for my clients and their children. It is very time consuming but also rewarding”. Mrs. Garcia’s says her biggest achievement is opening her own law firm three and a half years ago. It’s a dream she’s had since law school, and through the tireless amount of work she’s been able to make it a reality. She says, “having your own business allows you creativity in every dimension and brings about constant challenges which I enjoy.” As you can tell, Mrs. Garcia goes to work every day with the drive and determination to conquer any task put in front of her and uses this same mindset at home.

Mrs. Garcia has a passion for the work that she does as well as for her family. She is happily married and is soon to be a mother of two. She keeps the balance of both career and family by ensuring that there is a family dinner every night. Mr. and Mrs. Garcia try to keep their busy work schedules as flexible as possible to maximize the amount of time they can spend together as a family. When asked of her proudest moment, Mrs. Garcia expressed that she is most proud of being a mother to her two year old son, Zander, and he continues to make her proud every day. Her advice to everyone would be to live a happy healthy life, and do it all; be the career women and the family women, all women can be extraordinary!

For the full article about Extraordinary Women Christina Anton Garcia, grab Tampa Bay Parenting Magazines August Issue available now, or visit their website.